Wrong Data in Pivot Tables

Dear all,

We have a huge concern of our users raised when doing their anual report. It seems that when you look at the same data for ‘last year’ and for ‘last 5 years’ the results are slightly.

Here is an example of a change in 2019 data when looking at last year compared to last 5 years. The user tried it with multiple data elements/indicators and the same thing happened.



We raised a ticket in JIRA about this and it might be related to the use of weekly data. Most of our data is weekly and bugs like this are critical for the users adoption and trust on the system (plus it is really important for us to have the accurate figures in organizational annual reports).

Is there anyone facing the same issue?

Do we have an update regarding above JIRA ticket?

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Dear @barreda,

Thank you so much for reporting this issue! The issue seems to have been fixed now in all supported versions and will be in the next patch releases. Hope that fixes the problem.

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hey @Karoline thanks much, really happy you found a solution! :smiley:

We are happy you are happy! :wink: But please do test it in the patch releases that were released earlier this week to make sure it is fixed for you as well. :+1:

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