Wrong Behavior - Custom Program Indicator

Hi all,
I have a customized program indicator, which takes the data element (DATE) and makes the respective sum. But for some reason the data element even with the data type Date is allowing values such as DATE & TIME, this causes the indicator to end up being aggregated in the wrong way, since if the data element '2021-05-14 00: 00: 58.414 'ends up being counted on the 15th instead of the 14th.
Any help is welcome

Version : 3.33.8

element date with value

Thank you @asacur for reaching out to the community.

I will tag the @dhis2-tracker team for this question. They’ll get back to you asap. Thank you!

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Hi all,
any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey @asacur !
Based on the setup above, the indicator should count the enrollment on the 14th, even when there is some dates saved with the extra time in your data. This seems like a bug that should be investigated.

There might be a workaround that you can try in the meantime.
Change your end boundary slightly; Change it from “Before end of reporting period” and set it to “Before start of reporting period”, and select offset period by amount to “1”, and select “Days” in Period type.

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Hi @Markus first of all thanks, i will try your suggestion.

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Hi @Markus, i ended up switching to event date, for now since the indicator is dynamic, it can be for days, month or annual.

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