Would like to contribute to Android Capture development

I am sorry to post here. I am new to DHIS2 community. I am an experienced programmer (JAVA or other). Is it possible that I can contribute my work to the Android team?
How can I? Should I just look through the JIRA and pick an unsigned card? Please, someone, let me know. Thanks.

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Hi Ott Oslynn,

The app is open source, so you can download/fork/clone the code from github and modify it as you wish. Contributions to the app are possible and yes we are using jira to manage the software development. However there is a process to follow

  1. You have to tell us the functionality you want to develop (selecting the jira issues).
  2. If the functionality is in the roadmap and it is relevant for the community, then we can schedule a call to discuss objectives and functionality (it will depend also on how busy the developers are)
  3. We agreed on the functionality and the timelines, and supervision.
  4. The code needs to follow the dhis2 quality standards and recommendations

We recommend to the developers to have a good knowledge of DHIS2, and quite experience in Android.

Let me know any questions


thank you very much for your reply. I have good knowledge with OpenMRS development, strong experience in Spring and JavaEE backend, and Android app. However, I am new in DHIS2 backend and Android. I will start familiar myself with the DHIS2 Android Capture App. After that, I will look through JIRA board and pick unassigned card to work on. If I have question, who can I ask?

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