World Malaria Day - DHIS2 for malaria elimination in Honduras

Happy World Malaria Day!

University of Oslo and Clinton Health Access Initiative are in Honduras :honduras: this week through the Digital Solutions for Malaria Elimination project. Throughout the week they have been working with the Information Management Unit in the Ministry of Health on testing the new DHIS2 Android app and reviewing the configuration for their malaria program. Honduras will be upgrading to the new Android app for their case notification and investigation activities, and rolling it out in two or more regions this year. World Malaria Day is being celebrated with training representatives from the regions in the management of devices and the new Android app.

UiO has been working on improving DHIS2 for the malaria elimination use case during the past year and is very excited to see the progress in Honduras and other countries to end malaria.


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Hi Karoline, Greetings from the DHIS2 Honduras community!!


Greeting @Jferrera , great to see the DHIS2 Honduras community represented on the CoP! :honduras:

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