Workaround for data approval in tracker capture


Is there a workaround for performing data approval in a tracker capture program?

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There can be one dirty solution for this which i used sometime back:

  1. Create a program stage called Approval, give access to this stage only for approver users
  2. Create an Approve = Yes/No data element for this stage
  3. Create a program rule to mark all stages/enrollment complete: If Approve = Yes
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That’s a nice workaround, thanks @jthomas! I’m just wondering though, shouldn’t the program rules help us in avoiding the complicated process of ‘approvals’? (:

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Yes, @Gassim is tend to agree. But many departments are still keen to have this approval process for somehow. There is a slight obsession on "where is approval feature’ still :-

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Hi @jthomas,

Thank you for this great solution.

I still have two questions:

  1. How do I deactivate the complete button to stop staff outside the approvers to complete program stages?
  2. How would the two-step process be implemented? for example, I’m having two levels: supervisors and headquarters.

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I think if you follow @jthomas steps then without approval (approve DE = yes) then users won’t be able to use the complete button.

If you are to follow the steps @jthomas mentioned then I think you will need to create two of each of the steps! The approval Data Element for the managers is only meant to send a notification to the supervisors, and then the supervisorApproval Data Element will work the same way as above in allowing/stopping the completion of other program stages.

@jthomas I hope I was able to correctly build upon your idea. :grin:

Thanks you two! :slight_smile:

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Yes Thank you @Gassim & @Orly_MUGWANEZA

Additionally, you can also control these things user roles/access also

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