Wordpress integration

(Lynn) #1

Hi there, are there any examples of how DHIS2 data has been used for open data sharing or sharing of dashboards openly? We have a partner who would like to integrate data/dashboards/visualisations from DHIS2 into their Wordpress website, including datasets, for example. I’m struggling to find information or examples on website integration.

(Dan Cocos - BAO Systems) #2

The site is no longer up but I’ve had a client in the past use D3.js that called out to SQL Views and to render data all of the rendering was browser side and portal site was essentially static. If you send me an email to dcocos@baosystems.com I can send you a link.

(Lynn) #3

Thanks, mailed you!

(Dan Cocos - BAO Systems) #4

I didn’t seem to get the email this is the site. https://www.dhis-minsante-cm.org/portal/