Will Capture app have the Reports feature?

Thank you @phil and the DHIS dev team for this exciting update.

I have a question with regards to the Capture App. The old Tracker Capture app has the Reports feature as shown below.

Would these useful tools also be included at some point in the Capture App?

I also noticed that 2.37 and 2.35.8 include the page option (see below) in the Tracker Reports section

However, this feature is missing in 2.36.4. Is this something that would be coming in a future update?

Thank you.


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Dear @ifeanyiokoye ,

I’ll have to let the @tracker-products team answer your question regarding features in the Capture App roadmap.

Regarding the page option, yes the feature will be coming to 2.36 in the next patch (2.36.5). You can see it already on our 2.36.5 snapshot instance.

Kind regards,

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