Why is the full text of a DE name not showing in the Android data capture app

I was checking out the Android app for data entry. Some of name of my data element have long text.

When I tried to use the Android Data Entry app, I realized that only a certain length of character is showing on the page. I couldn’t see the full text both in the overview and in the value field.

I run into problem because some of my data elements have similar names with little variation at the end of the text. Because some character are not showing, I could not distinguish the particular question I am attempting.

Hello @jetisco4u .

Do you mind providing some screenshots? Which version of the App are you using? In the Android App the long text for DE should be wrapped and extended in both aggregate and tracker:

Please let us know.

Android Capture App version 2.7
DHIS2 version

Hello @jetisco4u

This seems to be a bug in 2.7 but got fixed in the next release 2.7.1. In any case, in 2.8 you will be able to expand all the columns as shown here:

In any case you can always add a Description in the DataSet (valid for 2.7 as well) that will enable an (i) mark next to the Data Element than when clickin will pop up a window with the full name and description as show here:

(Edited to add the 2.7.1 information)

I am using now. When I expand this column only a portion of the character shows. I was thinking all the characters of the name will show so that it can spilt to the next line.

Do you mean the DataSet or the DataElement? Because my dataSet have description and I am not seeing this info icon.

Please paste a screenshot, you should be able to see everything.

Sorry, I mean Data Element

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Screenshot is disabled on the App.

I added description now to all the dataElements and resync but still not i icon to see the popup.

For the screenshot you could be using the training App, indeed it seems you are doing a lot of testing in Android and we usually recommed this App for such purpose. In case you cannot, you could also use the Android Settings Web App to enable the screenshots on your production App.

Please review this: DHIS2 Android App - DHIS2 Documentation

Actually I don’t know if I am using the training app. I just follow the link on the dhis2.org page to download from the Android store. I want to use the App real time.

I use the Android Setting App and now I have the screen shot below

If this is version you should be ablet o click on the column and two little arrows will display.

Regarding the type of application you are using, I recommed checking this (Android implementation - DHIS2 Documentation)

  • Google Play: - This version has certain security measures implemented and does not allow screen broadcasting or taking screenshots by default unless configured specifically using the Android Settings Web App. For SMS syncing, users must manually send the autocomposed message from their default messaging app and confirm afterwards.
  • GitHub - There are two versions available in Github:
    • Production version: Almost exactly as the version in Google Play, it does not allow screen broadcasting or taking screenshots by default unless configured specifically using the Android Settings Web App. However, the SMS syncing workflow does not require manually sending the SMS via the default messaging app.
    • Training version: With screen broadcasting, possibility to take screenshots, debugging libraries, etc (the one named with the suffix _training.apk)

I downloaded from Google Play and it is version

About the arrow, are you referring to the one in the image below? Because even this one after expanding only a portion of the character is showing.

Hello @jetisco4u . That is correct and the expansion of the column is possible. If the text is very long maybe you chould consider putting the description as explained before, or using a shorter form name. Not sure if applies but usually the word “number” and even “total” can be omitted.

I applied the description but it is not working as you suggested. Even with removing Number and total some DE name will still go beyond the view port. I think it is best if the text can break to the next line depending on the view port of the mobile device.

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@marcos.campos, could you confirm that the DE forn name is wrapping in the next release 2.8?


Hi @jaime.bosque , for the next version (v2.8), the name of a data element in a table will be displayed up to three lines, after that an ellipsis (…) will be displayed. But you will be able to modify the width of the column to show more of the data element header.


Great looking forward to it.

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