Why is the first stage in a Tracker Program not automatically created after enrollment?

I have created a form in DHIS and have filled in the patient form on the registration page. When I click save and continue it is not taking me to the First Program stage of the Program. What can I do to rectify this?

Hi @bhaindapa1

Thank you for your post and welcome to the DHIS2 Community of Practice.

Please check that in the Program Stage settings in the Program configuration from the Maintenance app, the following two options are selected:

  • Auto-generate event
  • Open data entry form after enrollment

If these two weren’t selected please select them and then use the browser cache cleaner app to clear the cache before testing.


Thank you so much. I will do that and thank you so much for the Welcome.

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Dear Gassim, I tried and its still not taking me to the Program stage. Please help me here.

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@bhaindapa1, I went to play and did the same steps but it didn’t work so I realized that it’s a cache issue. I tried on the browser’s Guest mode to make sure if it’s a cache issue or not and it worked so it’s a cache issue.

After completing the steps above, please go to the Browser Cache Cleaner app and clear all the cache. After that please try again and it should work.

If it didn’t work please share the version of DHIS2 that you are using, and if possible a screenshot of the network log (F12 → Network tab) after you complete the enrollment.


Hi Gassin, so sorry for late reply. I resolved the issue and I can now go to the Program stage of the forms I created.