Why can't users be used as a dimension in analytics?

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Why can’t users be used as a dimension in analytics? For example, in an event program - I’d like to attribute the data collected to that user and be able to use that as a dimension when looking at the data.

Am I missing something or is this just not possible in the current data model of the current supported versions?

Hi Chase,
I don’t think this is possible currently. I think the Username data element type was meant to do this at one point. The documentation used to say that the currently logged in user’s username will be automatically filled in a Username type DE. But I don’t think this functionality ever worked (see JIRA below).

As I commented on this JIRA post a while back, we would definitely use this functionality as well.



Right, Thanks Kayla. I think it would be found useful by many implementations. I remember the username DE type… but what I remember is it didn’t function as you mention. I wonder why it got dropped.

I am curious why it hasn’t been included as a feature. Is there some impediment in the data model? Not enough demand?, etc…

Edit: I see now there is some conversation about it in the ticket you linked.

Currently it is possible to sort by username in Event reports… but not as a data dimension. See here (comment and ticket) on the topic of using the “storedBy” field in event analytics: DHIS2-4902

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