WHO metadata Immunization and Birth Notification tracker package in Rwanda

Technical experts from UiO and HISP India worked with HISP Rwanda and UNICEF to review the possibility of adopting the new WHO metadata tracker package for immunization and birth notification. A key consideration is the ability to capture birth details during a child’s first immunization visit, and use those details to initiate the birth notification process in the CRVS system. The metadata package also offers the ability to generate a unique ID which can be used as a patient identifier across health services until such time as the child is given a national ID. The team met with the Rwanda MOH, statistics and CRVS staff responsible for the existing processes to review the opportunity to align these systems directly, as well as conducted site visits at hospitals and clinics to better understand the current work flow and assess the suitability of the system configuration.


Thanks Kim and Team, this has been a really the great learning process and helped us to identify gaps and areas of improvement for EPI Tracker Rwanda.