WHO Metadata browser v1.2 released


(Erik Arenhill) #1

A new release of WHO Metadata browser has been released. This time it has been tested with 2.29 - 2.31 and it is also for the first time available through the App store.


It can be installed by visiting the “App store” section within the App management in a DHIS2 instance, or downloaded at the above link separately.

If you want to have a look at a working instance, it is currently installed at our play 2.31.1 instance: https://play.dhis2.org/2.31.1/api/apps/WHO-Metadata-browser/index.html


Hello, please what is this for? Please, thank you.

(Erik Arenhill) #3


This app can be used to for example find where indicators, data elements or such are used in other places, or to get an overview of all elements used in a data set.

For example, if you navigate into Data Elements, Group ANC and select ANC 1st visit you get an overview which data sets and indicators that use this data element.

You can then easily just click the name of one of the indicators, ANC 1 Coverage and you see how that indicator is configured. ANC 1st visit is the numerator of that indicator.

If you instead click the data set Reproductive Health it shows you all data elements used in that data set. An easy way to navigate around and see how things are connected to each other.

Using the maintenance app you can find this as well, but it requires more work, and does not give the same overview where you can simply navigate between the different types.

(Gerald Thomas) #4


I am sure it is the WHO data quality tool


Thank you, for the explanations, i got it.

Sincerely, emerlinda

(Erik Arenhill) #6

Hi, this is not the data quality tool. That is another app.

(Morley Mujansi) #7

I installed the App the same day it was released. This is a great App. Am using it as a dictionary :slight_smile:

(Erik Arenhill) #8

Great! Yes the old name of the app is actually data dictionary :slight_smile:

(Haroon Twalibu) #9

Hey Erik, is it compatible with 2.28??

(Erik Arenhill) #10


To use this app with DHIS 2.28 you will have to manually download an older release for the moment.

It can be found here, download the WHOBrowser.zip version 28 to your computer:

To manually install the app into your DHIS 2 instance, visit the App management app in your instance and click the blue round button with an arrow to upload the WHOBrowser.zip for version 28.

I hope this helps

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