WHO Immunization Analysis app update (v1.0.2)


(Erik Arenhill) #1

The Immunization Analysis app has been updated on the app store today.

The new version is compatible from DHIS 2.29 and up and features bugfixes to the RIM Import functionality that stopped working due to the new data sharing model introduced in 2.29.

It adds compatability with DHIS instances running on newer Tomcat versions by URL-encoding requests to the API.

Also with this release we have updated the headerbar to bring in the notification icons and new logo to follow the DHIS2 standards by version.

All details about the issues that has been addressed can be found here: https://jira.dhis2.org/projects/PARTAPP/versions/10506

(Sangay Tenzin) #2

Developer and team, great job, keep moving

(Knut Staring) #3

Great progress, Erik. This will be of great benefit to many country implementations.