WHO hiring developer to complete testing/fixes for DHIS2-Go.Data interoperability app

Purpose of the Agreement for performance of work (APW)
To provide review, thorough testing and bug fixes as needed to existing DHIS2-Go.Data Interoperability App, to prep for deployment (GitHub - WorldHealthOrganization/godata-dhis2-interop-app: DHIS2-based application to enable secure and flexible metadata exchange between DHIS2 and Go.Data.).

The main purpose of this app is to enable bi-directional data exchange between DHIS2 and Go.Data platforms.

Go.Data is an outbreak investigation tool developed by WHO in collaboration with GOARN partners to enhance field-level case investigation and contact tracing by Member States and institutions. It is currently being used in over 65 countries and 115 institutions worldwide. There is an increasing need to ensure that data collection, aggregation and analysis tools can be interoperable with each other, including the ability to integrate outbreak response tools like Go.Data into the national surveillance systems. In a range of settings where DHIS2 is used, there is a request for a flexible and lightweight tool to facilitate rapid case investigation and contact tracing, longitudinal follow up of contacts over time, and viewing of relationships including chains of transmission.

There is a range of work that has been developed in the area interoperability within the Go.Data project, including the development of a DHIS2-based application “DHIS2-Go.Data Interoperability App” that is currently available in the DHIS2 App Hub. Links below for further detail:

We are urgently looking for an individual to provide rapid in-depth testing and code review, including any bug fixes and necessary feature enhancements for this app to be deployable for outbreak response as soon as possible. This includes:

  • Ensuring bi-directionality (extensive testing has been done to ensure cases from DHIS2 à Go.Data but more robust testing is needed for the other direction, although infrastructure in place in the latest pre-release on Github)
  • Testing with sufficient volume of records i.e. few hundred cases and thousands of contacts
  • Implementation of automated scheduler for transfers to run at every x interval.
  • App submission to the DHIS2 team, and any necessary modifications to documentation


  • Essential: Substantial software development experience and advanced proficiency in JavaScript (react, nodejs/npm, etc)
  • Essential: Knowledge of DHIS2 API and development; previous development of DHIS2 applications
  • Essential: Fluency in oral and written English
  • Desirable: Previous experience with interoperability across health management information systems

Work to be performed

In the context of the above, under technical supervision of Go.Data team:

Develop data synchronization app (version 2) in DHIS2

  • Build on existing work of Go.Data-DHIS2 Interoperability App, making infrastructural or interface adjustments where needed
  • Ensure sufficient flexibility across use-cases (Tracker, Event Capture) and across various metadata configurations
  • Ensure bi-directional data exchange is successful and think through conflicts/updates/duplicates
  • Ensure testing with sufficient volume of records
  • Full testing and de-bugging within scope of work

Provide technical documentation of any enhancements

  • Code modifications added to existing WHO repo
  • Modifications to existing documentation site as necessary
  • Create working sandbox on WHO environment with dummy data for demo purposes

Project Deliverables

  • Go.Data-DHIS2 Interoperability App, tested in demo environment and submitted to DHIS2 App Hub
  • Source code and basic user documentation on Github
  • Close out session with project team to outline ongoing maintenance needs

Place of assignment


Start Date / Duration

  • ASAP
  • Full time, estimate 10-15 development days – duration negotiable depending on project proposal

Please email godata@who.int with a brief financial and technical proposal if you are interested!


Sounds like there are a number of developers in the DHIS2 community who’d be interested in this position @Rene :slight_smile:

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