WHO DHIS2 standard modules for Entomology and Vector Control

DHIS2 standard modules for entomology and vector control

The WHO Global Malaria Program (GMP) is glad to share with the DHIS2 community the DHIS2 standard modules for entomology and vector control. The modules have been developed over the last 2 years to support ministries of health to collect and interpret data from several entomological surveillance and vector control activities. They are the result of a collaborative effort between the WHO Global Malaria Program, PSI and National Malaria Control Programs.

The modules are composed of event and tracker programs with standard indicators covering the following activities:

  • insecticide treated nets (ITN) mass distribution campaigns,
  • ITN bioefficacy monitoring,
  • indoor residual spraying (IRS) campaigns,
  • IRS residual efficacy monitoring,
  • insecticide resistance monitoring,
  • adult mosquito surveillance and identification, including a tracker to capture individual mosquito data (e.g. laboratory results, parity, morphologica identification)
  • monitoring of mosquito larval habitats.

Metadata configuration packages are available for DHIS2 versions 2.31, 2.32, 2.33 and 2.34.

All the modules have been designed in line with existing WHO standard protocols and guidance. They are being continuously improved to better address country needs and expanded to include new entomological surveillance procedures.

The modules are focused on Anopheles surveillance and control, but work is underway to expand them to cover other vectors with a view to support integrated vector surveillance and control

Get configuration packages on WHO’s GitHub Repo

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Stay tuned for the following upcoming development!

  • A DHIS2 end-user interactive tutorial to get end-users started with DHIS2 is under development!
  • A DHIS2 tutorial for the entomology and vector control modules will follow
  • An intro video is underway!