Which of the app and DHIS2 feature can I use for tracker program with SMS notification

I am setting up a project to track routine visit of people for programs like immunization and ante natal care. I have the following questions with respect to the features we are trying to implement and what is possible through DHIS2 features.

  1. What is the best program type to setup the program event or tracker?

  2. Which of Capture and the Tracker Capture app should I use to register people into these programs? What is the different between the two.

  3. We are trying to implement SMS notification as reminders for enrolled persons. I saw in the Tracker Capture app that I can setup SMS notification for each tracked person if the gateway is configured. Can we setup the SMS notification to automatically send the SMS to the users on their due date for visit?

  4. Is it possible to enrolled a person in more than one program so that they can be tracked for multiple program?

  5. Where can I turn to for more documentation of this feature.

If you will need to identify the TEIs at any later point after registration then it should be a tracker program because the event program will not identify the TEI for you.

Since you are starting a new, Capture app is recommended. Note that the docs mention that “the Capture app serves as a replacement for the Event Capture app. In the future, the Tracker Capture app and the Data Entry app will also be incorporated into the Capture app.”

I think this is similar to a question posted before in another post and has been answered by @Enzo:

Yes! As long as all the programs have the same tracked entity type (‘person’.)

One recommendation is to check out Tracker Use Academy as well as Tracker Configuration Academy both of which cover all your questions and more (maybe not the details behind the SMS configuration but that can be found in the documentation – see link posted above by Enzo). It’s recommended to join live and there will be academies coming soon (Academy Schedule - DHIS2) but you can watch the recordings for now.

You can also review the docs here Tracking individual level data and feel free to keep posting with your questions and remarks.

Thank you!

I think the Tracker Capture app address my need more. Although the Capture app seems to be the future. When the Tracker Capture app is included in the Capture app, I supposed I will be able to switch. Thanks for the in-depth response. Let me explore the options.