Where did the single page documentation go?

The single page HTML documentation was the fastest way to find reference material but I cannot seem to find links to it anymore.

Is it no longer being supported? The MK Docs search is slow and cumbersome, even when searching for discreet terms and using the categories filter. I’m not saying it is bad but it is not useful as an implementor /developer that needs to have quick access reference material.

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Hi @chase.freeman

Thank you for asking this question as it might come to the attention of other community members and find it useful. The complete HTML manuals are still available and supported.

First, go to docs.dhis2.org homepage. Second, scroll down the page. Third, click on the Complete Manuals heading:

Complete Manuals

Here you will find links to our documentation as single-page html and pdf documents for easier sharing. You will also find documentation for previous versions of DHIS2.

View complete manuals

I hope this helps!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Wonderful! Thank you @Gassim

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Thanks Chase! Please mark the post as solved if all is good :pray:

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