Where did Pivot Table app go in 2.37?

Hello Philip,

I have installed version 2.37.2 but I noticed, there is not Pivot Table from the apps store. Again, analytics do not work. I have attached a screenshot from the Data Administrations

Hi @fosuhene ,

Are you sure you mean version 2.37.2? The most recent version is 2.37.3 and it should fix the issue with Analytics tables generation.
In 2.37 pivot tables are part of the Data Visualizer app.

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Yes please. See attached for yourself.

Hi @fosuhene,

Are you still facing this issue? As Phil mentioned above 2.37.3 should fix the issue with Analytics tables generation so please update. If you are still facing this issue after the update then please post the Network log and the Catalina.out log (without sensitive info)

Thanks! :+1:

Thanks for the reminder @Gassim. I noticed it has been added to the data visualizer app.
Great work done by the team.


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