Where can I access @dhis2/rules-engine-javascript package

I am working on one of the app to update the dependencies to allow us use some modern tools. I saw this import type { OrgUnit } from '@dhis2/rules-engine-javascript'; in one of the file. But I search the dhis2 github repo in vain and couldn’t see the package. Was the package deprecated or is there a documentation on the implementation?

I know there is this: GitHub - dhis2/dhis2-rule-engine: Rule engine library for DHIS 2 . I know that the backend/Android and the frontend differ (or used to) so maybe there is another one. @enrico might be able to share more.

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You need to import frontend rule-engine, I am not sure if it is published as a package.
@Markus would know more on that.

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I checked this already. It seems this is for the Java repo and not the frontend Javascript apps. The one I am looking for was imported from @dhis2/rules-engine-javascript

Hi @jetisco4u, the @dhis2/rules-engine-javascript is not a published package. You can find the code here though: capture-app/packages/rules-engine at master · dhis2/capture-app · GitHub