When will the 2.37 version of COVID contact tracing and surveillance be available?

Dear @phil,
thanks for the great work.

I have a question about metadata for COVID contact tracking: They seem to be available only for 2.36 at Metadata Package Downloads - DHIS2.

Do you have an idea where we can get these? Or when they are planned to be released for 2.37?

We use the Sierra Leone database with 2.37 which works fine but an import of 2.36 fails (of course).

Hi @jsplate !

The 2.37 version of COVID contact tracing and surveillance will be available soon, once our team has fixed a bug that causes errors when assigning values to calculated Program rule variables.

When you mention that the 2.36 package import fails into 2.37 instance, it could be the same issue.
If there are other reasons causing the failure, please feel free to share.

Kind regards, Yury Rogachev

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Hi @YuryR,
are there any news on that?
Is this already fixed or do we have to wait for that?

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Hi @jsplate !

We are working on the updates for the COVID surveillance and contact tracing package. The updated package is scheduled for release in June 2022. Should we be able to soft-release the package earlier, I will let you know here, in this thread.

In the meantime, you can download the released 2.36 version of the package and import it into a 2.37 instance.*

    • You will have to remove 1 program rule and 1 program rule variable from the json file before import, otherwise the package will fail during import. The reason for it is a bug in 2.37.

programRule uid == ijQLZ2IS2jk
programRuleAction uid == BsomIuDVZcI

I am attaching a metadata json with the package here (the elements have been removed).

The program rule is “Show warning on completion of an event if the event date is before the enrollment date”.

Hope that helps.

COVID19_DHIS2.36.json (1.9 MB)

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@YuryR Many thanks for the update!

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