What's the difference between V{enrollment_count} & V{tei_count}

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What’s the difference between V{enrollment_count} & V{tei_count} i was thinking it will be same for most of the cases?

Can somebody guide me of a scenario for program indicator or program rule where these two has a different meanings/values


Hi @jthomas,

Let me explain it by example in hereunder:

Tracked Entity Instance (TEI) → a type of entity that can be tracked through the system. for example pregnant woman once she registered over the system we say a new TEI was created as a pregnant woman to be tracked over her pregnancy period at the system.
Enrollment – > One TEI could have one or multiple enrolments, for example, the pregnant woman (TEI) above could be enrolled for her first pregnancy and could come again and again for the following pregnancies (First pregnancy is the first enrolment, and second pregnancy is the second enrolment, and third pregnancy is the third enrolment, and so on…)
TEI and enrolments are managed by a program for example Mother-child health care program to manage the process of TEI creation and enrolment activities during the pregnancy period…

I hope this example is helpful to answer your question.

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Thanks alot @ayman.tuffaha Let me process and self-brainstorm a bit on this.


Hi @ayman.tuffaha,

Could you please explain the meaning of this option in a tracker configuration page:
Only enroll once (per tracked entity instance lifetime)? This question occurred to me after seeing this post which has made clear for me the concept of multi enrollments.


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Hi @ferdinandmussavene ,

Thanks for your post, Yes my colleagues have previously explained the mentioned option, please visit the below URL links:

  1. Only enroll once (per tracked entity instance lifetime)

  2. Multiple enrollments in a tracker capture program

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