What's next for DHIS2

What’s next for DHIS2 today at 13:00 (CEST)

This session will focus on explaining the high-level goals of DHIS2 roadmap for each product, DHIS2 as a platform, Analytics, Tracker and Android. Join to know what will be in the upcoming 2.37 release and what are the long term priorities of DHIS2.

You can post your questions ahead of, during, or after the session. Our speakers will check this thread for questions, and will follow up. Feel free to respond to other questions or add to them if you have something to follow up with.


Thanks Analytics,
Any plans to combine the Events report and Events visualizer into one events analytic app

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All my congrats for the prioritization process that has been described by @mike : it seems to be well structured and quite objective!

Excited about upcoming DHIS2 features such as deduplication, 10 years vizualisation, offline dashboards…

Excited to hear about the new org unit management and MFL functionality!

Will it include parallel OU hierarchies, and versioning (to account for changes over time)? That’s this long-standing “epic” jira ticket: [DHIS2-138] - Jira

Hi @prosper, yes that is the plan just like we combine pivot tables and data visualizer. Looking forward to more of your inputs on the feature sets and design : )

What about making DHIS2 available on IOS @mike @marta @Scott ? Is there any a ongoing reflection on that point?

Maybe in the wrong place here. A question from the chat box that was not answered: Are there any guides or resources for people who are developing their own metadata specifications?
I forget the name of the person who originally proposed it. Thanks

Hi Koffi,

unfortuntely there are no plans to implement the DHIS2 Android App for iOS.
We are however always monitoring technology and upcoming needs. There are indeed internal reflections on this.


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Thanks Marta!

Hi @Rebecca , can you share the CoP link where the discussion is permanent about subject matter technical guidance on global health packages? I will be happy to join.

Questions during the session (from the zoom chat):

From @philip27:
Hi, I am Philip M. Mckay from Liberia, will the Android work on iPad device and in remote areas Liberia?
These are very useful improvement, will the 2.5 apps work on any Android device?

From @marta:
hi @philip27 , unfortunately supporting iOS is not in the roadmap. About Android devices, yes in principle. However, I would suggest you to check with us in the community if you want to confirm a specific device.

From @marta:
@philip27 Philip M. Mckay just clarifying that the DHIS2 Android App will run on smartphones and tablets. The only requirement is that they are Android devices. It will not work if they are iOS/Apple devices.

From @bram_piot:
Excited to hear about the new org unit management and MFL functionality! Will it include parallel OU hierarchies, and versioning (to account for changes over time)?

From @Lars:
Bram: Multiple org unit hierarchies and

From Rod:
New Data entry app: great to see the new design. What about custom forms? Will scripting be supported?

From @Lars:
Rod: Yes custom forms will still be supported in new data entry app, we know that is important.

From Maria G:
Will we be able to tag users in comments in the data entry app? This would be extremely helpful for data cleaning/ follow-up

From @Lars:
Maria: Tagging users in data entry comments is a good idea, noted!

From @Elmarie_Claasen:
Nice to see the MFL is it complaint to interoperability standards?

From @Lars:
Elmarie: We already support the mCSD standard through an adapter. We are happy to look into other standards.

From @avazirna:
Are custom forms going to be supported by DHIS2 android?

From @jose:
Ahmad: Custom forms in android: No, at least not for now (short/mid term). Custom forms can bring many issues related to display data entry screens in android.

From @dmnscar:
Is there any best practice advice or reference docs for people who design/develop their own metadata packages (like yours truly)?

From @seidhus:
any plan for versioning in Orgunits? plus what about more information like if it is functional and other attributes
From @seidhus:
Is there anything in the roadmap to add a dataset and program assignment user authority? The editing and assigning of datasets and programs need to be detached. At least people should be able to do it outside the datasets and programs. Like when creating/editing org units.

Recording of the session can be found here:

Thanks for the useful info!

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