What Maximum number of category options for categories?

Is the addition of an unlimited number of category options for categories within a category possible?

As I need about 1000 category option in one category, but I afraid if this will get some things bad later. So, could u please provide me with all negative things will be happen in case. Best

I am not sure if I understood your question correctly, but I can say that the system provides an unlimited number in the sense that I have never encountered any restrictions in terms of creating COs. I can create as many as I want. Could you please elaborate on your question? What prompted you to ask such a question?

I updated my question please read it again and thanks

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Dear @sami.oracle10g

Firstly, let’s set aside DHIS2 for a moment. It seems impractical to assign 1000 category options under a single category. The fundamental purpose of a category is to group category options together that are intended to be used simultaneously by one or more data elements or indicators. Thus, the question arises: Is it feasible to have an indicator or data element that utilizes 1000 category options? My answer is no—this is impractical. Even finding a data element that uses 100 category options would be exceedingly rare.

Therefore, my advice to you is not to combine category options that do not function cohesively.

I acknowledge that my view might be biased. Could you please provide more reasoning behind your preference for a single category to encompass 1000 category options?

Mr.Sami Yassin,

Yeah you can add more than 1000, I have used 2000 category options in one category.

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Dear @Shapr0019
The reason is to generate monthly reports for approximately 1000 Community Health Workers (CHWs) that include their names,

If we assumed the category options is the name of CHWs my question is
Can you generate the reports for all category option of category?

how is the performance and flexibility?

Dear @Gassim
Could please provide me with your and DHIS2 team recommendation. As this is top urgent issue.

Yeah Sami Yassin, I have generated report for all.

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In Data visualizer all the options will be available for all health facilities within the district so how did you manage to remove the duplication of options and keeps only options which had a relation with their health facilities.
For example:
District Dog has 2 facilities 1 and 2
Facility 1 has A and B options
Faciliry 2 has X and Y options
In data visualizer after adding category die data is shown as:
Facility 1 A
Facility 1 B
Facility 1 X
Facility 1 Y

Facility 2 A
Facility 2 B
Facility 2 X
Facility 2 Y

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