What is the right value for zeroIsSignificant in Data Element

I created my data element metadata in a json file. I set zeroIsSignificant to true in the data element object. Because I want to capture 0 as a value.

After I fill our custom form, and check the database, I saw the the 0 value is stored where it is selected.

However, when I checked the Data Visualizer app for the details of the value, the DE with zero value don’t have value in the Pivot table.

I don’t know if this is related to the true value I set for zeroIsSignificant or whether that the Data Visualizer app is designed to not show value for zero in the Pivot table.

I circled the sample below.

Hi @jetisco4u

Thank you for your post! Please do you have “Include zero data values in analytics tables” in the system settings selected?

Include zero data values in analytics tables: Includes data elements with zero values in analytics. This only applies to data elements where the “zero is significant” property is enabled. Note that setting “zero is significant” on large numbers of data elements is strongly discouraged, as it can fill the analytics tables with zeros and cause unnecessary performance overhead. source - dhis2 docs

Thank you!

Thanks for the response. The data elements have “zero is significant” property enabled. I just enabled this in the setting. Clear the cache and test again but the 0 value is still not showing.

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Okay thanks, and the system settings?

I set it in the system settings

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I think in addition to clearing the cache, in this case it is necessary to run the analytics tables export. Sorry, if you did this already, please let me know, and please check if there are any errors in the console.