What is the "AuditScheduler" Process?

I’ve got a profiling tool setup on a client’s instance and am seeing degraded performance when the “auditScheduler” process kicks off. However, it is not showing anything in the logs when searching for audit, audit schedule, or anything similar. I don’t see it under the system jobs in scheduler?

What is this process and how can I dig deeper into understanding why it is affecting this instance?


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Thanks for your question @chase.freeman! Sorry I missed this one. :slight_smile:

What is the version of the instance you are using? Probably someone changed the configurations…

In the Javadocs if defines the AuditScheduler:

Buffers Audit messages prior to sending them to the Audit queue. This scheduler is disabled by default (config key: audit.inmemory-queue.enabled) and should be used only in very high-traffic environments. Note that upon a JVM crash, the Audit messages in this queue will be lost. The buffer is based on a DelayQueue where messages are buffered for 5 seconds, before being de-queued to the Artemis broker. To avoid excessive memory pressure, max 200 messages can stay in the queue: in-excess messages are processed immediately.