What is causing this startDate error in AOC Dataset in Data Capture (Beta) app

I have a dataset with AOC. In the categoryOptions of the AOCs, I left the startDate and endDate of the field blank.

When I open the dataset as an admin in Data capture (Beta) app it works fine. But when I switch to the user role assigned to the AOC I got the error below

I checked the isOptionWithinPeriod in the app code it suggest that this should work ok.

if (!categoryOption.startDate && !categoryOption.endDate) {
        return true

The other two conditions that return false only applies if I have added a startDate or endDate.

Why is this working for an admin and is failing for other users. Is there something about AOC authorization that is not covered in the user doc?

Please could you check the sharing settings for the category options?

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I checked this already and I grant the ‘Can capture and view’ to the user group. I also check in guest mode. Clear the site storage, force load the page whether it is cache issue but no headway. It baffles me because this work fine in Data Entry app for the user group. The problem is the Data Entry (Beta) app. And that is the one most of the users are using.

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I noticed that the fetched data to the app has startDate in the CO payload. But I do not specify startDate in the Maintenance app when I created the AOC.

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@jetisco4u : could you confirm you have the latest version of Data Entry (Beta) app (v100.2.4) installed (you can check in the App Management app)?

We did some work on the period logic recently. I’m not sure if this is a new issue or something that would have been fixed in our latest version


I am using Version 100.2.2. I will update but unfortunately I have had to change my implementation approach when I was not making progress. I will revert if this resolve the issue.