What does offline level mean in Organisation unit level management?

I have 5 levels organization units. In the maintenance app there is Organisation unit level management. The offline level shows Default and number 1 to 15. what does the offline level do? If I have 5 levels from level 1 to 5 in descending order of hierarchy what do I set for my offline levels in each of the level? Currently it is set at default.

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Thank you for your question! A good question… I’ve not tested this out. :+1:

I think you might find the info in the docs helpful:

‘The number of offline levels’ that’s selected, will define “how many levels in the organisation unit hierarchy will be available offline in the organisation unit tree widget.” The higher number selected the more organisation units will be synced for offline use, the lower the number the fewer the organisation units that will be synced for offline i.e. the higher one is at the organisation unit heirarchy the fewer the org. units. We could conclude that if 1 is chosen as the National level then only the first level will be synced for offline use, and so on – but like you, I think I will understand this better with more testing.

docs source that helped:


In this expression, what do they mean by “available offline in the organisation unit tree widget”. Is it that the values will be fetched and saved in the device for offline use and can be accessed even when there is no network? So that the higher the value the more record will be precached?

Then I can now choose between caching high level of hierarchy say level 1 which will use more space on my device or level 5 which will use less space.

But then I am a bit confused. In the setting app, you can set ‘maximum offline orgzanization unit level’. But in maintenance app you can
assign separate offline level to each of the organization unit level. It seems to me there is conflict somewhere or maybe I don’t fully grasp the scope of this feature yet.

Yes, that’s precisely how I understand it.

I actually understood it to be the opposite! Choosing 1 will mean less org. units. because at level 1 there’s probably only one org unit which is the national level.

If a different offline level is assigned specifically for an org. unit from the maintenance app then it will override the value from the setting app. Therefore, if one doesn’t want to have to manually set an offline level for each org. unit then it will be enough to use the default value from the setting app. :slight_smile:

@Gassim thanks you nailed it. This response to me is the correct answer to my inquiry.

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Thank you! :heart_eyes: