What data elements are used in the Pacific Island countries running DHIS2?

(Claire Brereton) #1

Hi I am doing health research for the Pacific Island countries and want to find out which data elements the various countries collect. I do not need the actual data (not now anyway) and I know that I would have to ask permission from the country governments to get this data.
But can anyone tell me what is collected in the various countries?

(Scott Russpatrick) #2

@Shurajit_Dutta you might be able to answer this question.

(Shurajit Dutta) #3

Hi Claire,

Its a bit difficult to pin down the different data elements, but you could explore the WHO packages (https://who.dhis2.net) for further information. In both Solomon Islands and Vanuatu these are being used as reference for the programs there and you can get a better idea of the specific data elements. There are other programs, including tracker, that are not exactly reflected here but this should give you a good start.