What criteria can I consider to classify an instance as small, medium or large

I read from the doc that I need to consider whether an instance is small, medium or large before deciding on the server specs.

I will like to know what are the specific scenario when I can classify an instance as small, medium or large?

In our case, we have over 1000 users. Everyday we will capture over 50000 data values across the facilities and this may increase ass we plan to add more features.

Hi @jetisco4u

When classifying an instance of DHIS2 as small, medium, or large, several factors need to be considered, including the number of users, data volume, and expected usage patterns. While specific definitions may vary depending on the context and the version of DHIS2, here are some general guidelines:

Small Instance:
    Suitable for installations with up to a few hundred users.
    Typically used for pilot projects, smaller organizations, or low-resource settings.
    Can handle a moderate amount of data entry and analysis.
    Generally runs on a single server or modest hardware specifications.

Medium Instance:
    Recommended for installations with several hundred to a few thousand users.
    Suitable for mid-sized organizations or larger projects.
    Can handle moderate to high data volumes and user activity.
    May require distributed architecture with separate database and web/application servers for improved performance and scalability.
    Hardware specifications should be more robust, including more CPU cores, memory, and storage capacity.

Large Instance:
    Designed for installations with thousands of users or larger-scale deployments.
    Suitable for national or regional implementations, major organizations, or high-traffic systems.
    Can handle significant data volumes, extensive reporting, and complex analytics.
    Requires a distributed architecture with separate database, web/application, and file servers, along with load balancing and failover mechanisms.
    Hardware specifications should be powerful and scalable, often involving multiple servers with high CPU cores, ample memory, and fast storage systems.

Considering your scenario with over 1000 users and capturing over 50,000 data values daily (with potential future growth), it is likely that your instance falls into the medium or large category. However, it’s important to conduct a thorough assessment based on your specific requirements, usage patterns, and expected growth trajectory.


@moses_mwale thanks. I am recommending medium to the organization for now. Then I’ll have to monitor the server usage.

I guess I have to do more research on this.

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