What are you working on currently?

Hello Developers. What are you working on at the moment? I’m curious if anyone wants to share their current projects or experiments.

Did you recently pick up the UI library? Working on an experimental app? Have recently completed an app you can share? Working with the API or any other component?

No matter if it’s code, a screenshot, or a GitHub repository, what are you working on that you want to share?


Must this be related to DHIS Web App development specifically? :blush:

So on one of the DHIS2 instances that I manage, we collect financial data for participants who have attended a series of meetings.

Those details need to be verified for accuracy and completeness to make it easier for the finance team to process the payments (transport + lunch compensation).

So I have a small application running on PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and MySQL to fetch those details from DHIS using the API, and then run those details against a centralized, aggregated banks API – checking for account number and bank name. The app then runs logic to compare the results - to determine whether against the details collected on DHIS2, there is a corresponding match through the banks verifying API and let the user know.

This is to lessen the incidences of failed bank payments because of incorrect details namely the bank account number and the bank name as the finance team would be aware when processing payments to expect and not expect certain matches. It would also ease the followup process because now we know which participant details to follow up on rather than loading the payments through the bank first, waiting for them to fail or pass, then collating the results for followup.


Not at all, thanks for sharing! That sounds like an interesting challenge. Do you have anything sharable, like code? Would be great for inspiration for others!

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Sure! Will do so soon. I can’t share the github repo cause it belongs to my organization and it’s private for use in-house. I’ll reply with a snippet of the code.

Though the biggest task after determining how to make the two API calls (novice developer here) was to figure out of the parse the information :sweat_smile:. and have the logic work as desired with numerous DB calls as well.


Amazing! Thanks for sharing @lillian1n2.