What are tables "Parent" and "Patient" meant for (not used in demo)?

In the Sierra Leone HMIS instance, there are a large number of tables named “Patient*” - all of them empty.

The only similar table found in other instances like the SL demo instances is the one called “Patient”. That is also empty in all instance I’ve checked.

Furthermore, the various SL demo instances also have an empty table called “Parent”, and I cannot figure out the purpose of that either.

All these tables look like outdated tables to me, but I like verification before deleting them.

Regards from Freetown, SL

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I cannot find any usage of the “Patient” or “Parent” tables from the dhis2 code. Unless there is any custom script using them you should be able to safely delete them, using normal precautions like having a db backup from before the operation.


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Thanks, as I suspected.

You should ensure those two tables are deleted from all the SL demo instances, then…


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