We're not getting to result using DHIS2

Hello everyone,
We are trying to implement DHIS2.
We watched the course on the academy and we managed to download it and run it with pgAdmin.
We tried to use it on Ubuntu but it didn’t work on it using tomcat.
There is no source on how to see our data.
We added programs and entities, data elements, org units.
But we can’t see data added in reports.

What should we do more to understand ?

How to see the data inside the database and not on dhis2. ANy help would be appreciated.


Dear @im_officer_leb

Good you are interested in implementing DHIS2, am worried it will not take only watching the course, you may need to either attend academies or approach any HISP in your locale to explain more on DHIS2 implementation.

You can also request for a demo and ask the many questions you have.

Regards and hope you can reach out to experts and get your questions answered.


Hi @im_officer_leb,

you might have to generate the analytics tables. You can do that from Data administration -> Analytics (or from Reports if you are on an older version).



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