Welcoming our Google Summer of Code 2013 interns!!

Congratulations to all our GSoC 2013 interns!!
We received 4 slots from Google for student internship positions over the summer. We are very pleased, since we are participating in the Summer of Code for the first time. We welcome the following students, their projects and mentors

  • Araz Abishov - Android application for DHIS2 (Mentors: Olav & Long)

  • Florian Cech - Dialplan (PBX) generation for patient communication (Mentors: Saptarshi & Tran)

  • Yuriy Bugryn - Mobile visualizer (Mentors: Lars Øverland & Roshan)

  • Rosu Ovidui - Metadata import/export (Mentors: Morten & Bob)

Students, please work with your mentors to finalize the proposal through this week with clear deliverables, so that we can evaluate your progress during the mid-term evaluation.

Yuriy and Rosu, you will have to make large changes to your proposals to reflect some of the new ideas for which you’ve been selected. These are different from what is part of your current applications. Please work with your mentors closely and quickly to reflect the new ideas in the applications.

Other students who did not get the slots, we would still like to work with you.

If we have mentors available for your projects, you can still work with us. We won’t be able to pay you anything, but we’ll ensure that you have a good time learning with us. Please write back to us and we can plan on how we can work together.



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