Welcome to the DHIS2 eRegistries Community

Welcome to the DHIS2 eRegistries Community. This is a space to discuss the use of Tracker to create an eRegistry. eRegistries differ from simple Tracker implementations in that they are designed specifically to capture structured data during a patient visit that can be used to:

  • provide clinical decision support based on the WHO and national guidelines;
  • create referral recommendations, with system tools for scheduling and notifying the receiving facility;
  • create longitudinal health records, clearly alerting care providers of the patient’s health history and risks;
  • generate targeted reminders to patients encouraging attendance, but also specific messages tailored for their unique health risks;
  • generate working lists for care providers based on their patient population and areas of responsibility (e.g. a list of high risk patients requiring home visits; a list of pregnant women expected to deliver in the next month, etc.);
  • remove the need for secondary data reporting or manual aggregation, as these same data points generate the necessary indicators for national programs, and feed into existing national HMIS systems;
  • create an underlying health registry for various health areas, serving as a repository for analysis for research and decision making;
  • populate supervision tools and provides performance feedback to care providers on areas for clinical improvement, using trend analysis and aggregate comparisons.



Great initiative! I have been central in the development of Tracker to be used in eRegistries. Looking forward to interacting with anyone interested in the topic!


This is amazing. The eRigister will transform the way we offer healthcare and improve decision making, especially around CHW. Patient details.


Hi Every one, thank you for this topic that is very interesting.

I implemented a simple Tracker process where a health program wanted to send messages to some specific patient about their next visit.

Now I am interested on implementing a HIV patient record with Tracker module, if there is some one who has experience about that or the same use case, that should help me to be aware about challenges or best practices.



Great initiative.
I’m always interested in being involved in such. Anyone with an opportunity please loop me in.

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