Weird behavior with tracker capture when opening TEI for the first time - 2.33.4

When opening any TEI for the first time in a browser after the cache has been cleared, the page never populates properly, we always have to go back and select the TEI again after which it loads up fine. It’s 100% consistent. Any idea what we can do to resolve this or what we should be looking at?

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Ignore me if you already knew this ( I see you’ve been in the community for a long time ) so maybe this will help someone else in the future:

I would make an account (if you haven’t already) on the DHIS2 Jira and report the issue/bug there. Someone should typically follow up on the issue in due time.

Be sure to provide plenty of information on how to recreate the issue and screenshots if possible. I find if you can demonstrate how to replicate using one of the Demo/Play servers then they are more likely to include in the next patch release.

Thanks ahead of time if you do this as it really benefits the whole community and its good to hear from other implementers.

cc: @Karoline


Hi Chase, yes, I will likely post there, though I thought I’d ask here first since I’ve tested on play and it doesn’t appear to be happening there, so I assume it could be specific to our environment. That said, it’s been awfully quiet in the forums lately so I may opt to post that side to see if we can get results.

For anyone else looking at this, it seems once page has populated at least once it continues to work for each record loaded thereafter.

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Hi @Edward_Robinson,

Can you provide some more information? You say the page never populates properly, do you mean it doesn’t load at all? Or only part of it loads? Maybe you can provide a screenshot? I know you check this from other issues you have posted, but there is also nothing in the console?

And steps to reproduce are clean cache - open tracker capture app - search for a TEI - open said TEI?
not clean cache - go directly to a URL to open a TEI?



Hi Karoline, on your last point, that’s correct. This is the process:

  1. Clean cache or open new incognito browser session - point to site and log in.
  2. Open Tracker Capture app
  3. Wait for metadata to populate, then select OU and Program
  4. Select TEI from the list
    Loading appears to finish but page is not populated - only the structure, or sometimes some data - almost always never the TEI profile. Sometimes the ‘loading’ animation shows indefinitely.
  5. Click ‘Back’
  6. Click the same TEI - page loads fine

Screenshots and details of console output to follow

EDIT After first clicking the TEI from the list (Step 4):

Console output:

If I press F5 to refresh that screen, a little data shows up:

and the console:

If I go back to the tracker capture screen and select the same TEI, I get the full page including data:

and the console:

Note that I cleared the console at each stage to only show subsequent messages. Also note that it’s not necessary to reload the page with F5 to get the data to show up, simply clicking back and selecting the same (or another) TEI shows the full data for that TEI. Navigating to the next or previous TEIs sorts out the issue too.