WEBINAR with LINK: DHIS2 CoP will be presented in Digital Square webinar

(Kjerstin Andreasen) #1

Digital Square will be kicking off their first webinar on Wednesday, March 20. The theme for this one hour webinar is Community Engagement.

During this first webinar, Digital Square will provide an overview of the basket of services both Digital Square and DIAL are paving the way to offer to partners. These services respond to the community feedback from the Global Good Implementers Meeting which took place in December 2018. There will be some time to dialogue on how these align with partner needs in the digital health space.

Community engagement among the organizations supporting global goods is important and so is engagement with on-the-ground implementers in the countries where we work. The second part of the webinar will highlight the new DHIS2 Community of Practice. In addition to sharing what is working well for the DHIS2 community, the session will include a discussion about how to better learn from implementers and partners about DHIS2 successes and impact.

Join Zoom Meeting
iPhone one-tap$B!’(B US: +16699006833,437662845# or +16468769923,437662845#
Meeting URL: https://path.zoom.us/j/437662845

Join by Telephone
Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location)$B!’(B US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 876 9923 or 877 369 0926 (Toll Free)
Meeting ID: 437 662 845
International numbers

We hope you will be able to join!

(Curtis Mukumba) #2

How to join/register? Is there a link which can lead on the form to fill?

(James Omutsani) #3

Hi @McCurtis,

@Kjerstin will share the link soon as mentioned above.


(Curtis Mukumba) #4

Thanks @jomutsani & @kjerstin .
We are on wait then

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(Kjerstin Andreasen) #6

The link to connect to Wednesday’s webinar is in the original post above.

Hope many can join!

(Rahul) #7


I’ll love to join. Kindly share the link here once again please.


(James Omutsani) #8

Here it is @usfreak13 and @McCurtis.


(Rahul) #9

Hi @jomutsani

It doesnt mention the Time and Zone. I’m in india so what would be the IST for the webinar.


(Curtis Mukumba) #10

Thanks a lot @kjerstin and @jomutsani

(Curtis Mukumba) #11

For more info, @jomutsani @kjerstin
I’ve downloaded the meeting tool. It is much better than interesting, so here are some few questions:

  • Is is a free licence tool?
  • Is it possible to use it within organisation meeting which has no link with DHIS2 or PATH?
  • If possible, how to set up a meeting independently from DHIS2?

(James Omutsani) #12

Hi @usfreak13, that would be :clock830: 8:30 PM IST


(James Omutsani) #13

Hi @McCurtis,

You can check out more info on Zoom from HERE


(Curtis Mukumba) #14

Hey @jomutsani

No webinar so far?

(James Omutsani) #15

Hi @McCurtis,

The Webinar was yesterday at 4:00 PM (WAT - GMT +01:00). We will share the link as soon as it is ready and we will try to share the different time zones too.


(Curtis Mukumba) #16

Alright, including my country DRC too

(Kjerstin Andreasen) #17

If you missed the webinar, you can listen to it via the link below.

I like what @AmandaBenDor said following the webinar: “One of my favorite pieces of advice today about how to support our digital health communities was ‘make them feel heard’ referring to engagement with implementers through communities of practice. Some great advice was shared around this simple but powerful message.”

(Rahul) #18

Thanks for sharing… Will go through it and if any queries will address the same on the forum.