Webinar on Web App Development - Questions&Answers

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Firstly, thank you for conducting this webinar.

I was wondering about the public access permissions. Is there any current or future plans to consider such a thing so we do not have to re-build an application for this purpose. I think it could be an important feature especially when we need to use some core features with a public access. For example, if we can use Maps or Visualizer applications without the need of the user to be logged in. So, finally we get the feature of public interactive reports, with no need to build a web portal application, by only controlling the permissions because many great features are already built in the core apps. Offering an easy way to make use of those features publically could be a great development.


Thanks so much for this webinar, I noticed in the design system there are no code examples (for example in other UI libraries there are code pens for example), is this something you plan to add?

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Will there be options to ignore caching when fetching data in case the app has made updates to the system and needs to fetch the updated information?

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I was also wondering as noticed that the DHIS2 app is a front-end application, is it limited to what the DHIS2 API provides only?

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Thank you for the efforts, Is all app-shell dependencies can be used in custom app as import library?

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Than you for this great question @fahd, apologies that I didn’t see it and respond directly on the webinar.

This is definitely something we’re working! We see a lot of use-cases for external portals and analytics, including embeddable DHIS2 app plugins, particularly with the explosion of public dashboards during the COVID-19 pandemic. To properly support this will require a thorough review of architecture changes to make sure it is secure and performant, however. We have plans to improve our support for push analytics, report building, and embeddable external plugins in the 2.35-2.36 timeframe.

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Thank you everyone for joining the webinar! Please subscribe to the App Development category here on the Community of Practice, share any questions or ideas you have, and learn more about DHIS2 application development at developers.dhis2.org - we hope to see you at the next webinar on 10 June!

You can find a recording of the webinar here , please don’t hesitate to post any follow-up questions here on the Community of Practice!


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@plinnegan I wanted to follow up here, so I checked with the team - there was previously an option to view the JSX (React code) for each example in the ui storybook. However, there was a problem with it recently so it was temporarily removed. We are tracking the task to re-add it here as part of a documentation push following our recent v5 library release.

I also think it would be really powerful to have an interactive code editor or generator, so we’ll also look into that. Thanks for the feedback, let me know if you have any more!

Hi @austin thanks for the feedback, yes I think even yesterday this was up because I saw it when viewing the storybook during our call. However this is literally just the JSX for the component eg the default will just be something like <Button>Button</Button>

While this is slightly useful, it doesn’t contain information on what I need to import into my file to get this working or what modules I need to install. (Where as when I open the button component code sandbox from the antd website for example I can see the import needed and the packages as well)

I realise this is just getting started though and this is a long term goal maybe :slight_smile:

Thankfully after the call yesterday it is clear which modules I need to install and the file you showed me on the repo includes examples of the required import statements.

I just remember trying to get the header bar component working in one of my apps a few months ago and I had to give up due to lack of code examples.