Webinar on RapidPro-DHIS2 integration

The HISP Centre at the University of Oslo, in partnership with UNICEF, invites you to join us for a webinar on RapidPro-DHIS2 integration.

In this online event, we will share information on the integration of DHIS2 and RapidPro, including an overview of our project with UNICEF, a live demonstration of the DHIS2-RapidPro connector for aggregate data reporting, a presentation on lessons learnings and future directions, and a panel discussion.

This webinar will take place on Wednesday, 8 March, at 14:00 CET. Register here to join us on Zoom. We will also livestream the presentation here on the Community of Practice.


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This sounds great, Max. Will there be a recording of the webinar available afterwards for registered users? I would love to attend, but I cant make 5am that day.

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Hi Alex. Yes, we’ll be livestreaming the webinar via the DHIS2 YouTube channel, and the recording will be available there as soon as the event is over.


Thank you, Max. This is great news.

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Sounds really great as I look forward to attending too, but would not mind having the presentation slides for future reference.
Thank you.

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Thanks a lot for this connector. just a quick one.

Would it be possible to send data when we are in a flow on Rapidpro. For covax vaccination for example, to run the flow, we may not have all data in Rapidpro And would like to collect complement data from DHIS2.

When we import contacts from DHIS2 to RapidPro. can we import also custom flieds ?

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Hi Nana Nana. We will probably have to follow this up on email to get into all the technical detail. But briefly both would be possible but maybe need to be explored more. I think the way that RapidPro would enrich the message in a flow would be to call out to another system (eg DHIS2) via a webhook. So depending on what you are trying to achieve, that might be the way to do it. But its not necessarily good from a security point of you. Having DHIS2 credentials stored in Rapidpro to make this kind of call, having the right data sharing agreements in place etc are all potentially problematic. It would be better to have this kind of logic in the connector to keep a bit of decoupling between the two systems. But I need to understand the problem better :slight_smile:

The current contact synch route is not synching custom fields, but it could be modified easily enough to do that. Again being cautious about only sharing what is necessary. The code which generates the contact from the dhis2 user fields is just a datasonnet transformation (integration-dhis-rapidpro/contact.ds at main · dhis2/integration-dhis-rapidpro · GitHub) which you could tweak as you wish.



Here are links to the recording and presentations from this webinar:

You can also find links to the Github repo for the RapidPro-DHIS2 connector and other integration resources on our website: Integration & Interoperability - DHIS2