Webinar on Android App 2.1 and DHIS 2.34 - Q&A thread: Add your questions and comments below!

Want to learn more about the latest DHIS2 software versions? Join us for a webinar on the Android Capture App v2.1 and DHIS 2.34 at 2pm (Oslo time) on May 6th, hosted by members of DHIS2 Android and core software teams. A recording of this webinar is available here: Webinar on DHIS 2.34 and Android Capture App 2.1 - YouTube

You can also read the full release notes for each of these software releases on the CoP:
Android Capture App v2.1: DHIS2 Android Capture App version 2.1 is released
DHIS 2.34: DHIS version 2.34 is released

And watch the Feature Spotlight videos for DHIS 2.34 on Youtube.

We will use this thread for a live Q&A during the webinar. Please add your questions and comments below.


Hi Max,

Is there a recording of the webinar for those who couldn’t attend?



Hi @LoicV. Yes, we will record the webinar and post the recording online after the event.


OK, thank you Max. Will still try to be there.

Have a nice day,


Hi @LoicV.

Ok, we record the webinar and post the recording online after the event.

Thank you


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Thanks for the invitation of the tomorrow webinar, but way still Zoom?
It is full of security problems! Not only for the webinar intrusions, but also for the computers you are using.
Here some of them: https://www.cnet.com/news/zoom-security-issues-zoom-could-be-vulnerable-to-foreign-surveillance-intel-report-says/
Why do not use other solutions as Google Meet - Up to 250 participants and you can add view-only live streaming to an event for up to 100,000 people to watch (you need only 1 edu or business account).
It is much safer.

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Also keep in mind that Zoom is being banned by an increasing number of organizations and governements due to its security problems, so folks choosing to use Zoom these days are excluding those who are unable to download its software for various reasons.

Since DHIS2 is an open source community, it’s worth pointing out that there are also comptitive free and open source solutions such as Jitsi whose community offers a free-of-charge hosted version, and BigBlueButton. Both of these can be fully joined via the web browser without needing to download and install additional software.


Hi @downey and @antonia – thanks for the feedback. We will take it into consideration for future webinars. For this webinar, we are using strict user settings that minimize the risk of several of the security issues raised.


Thanks for presenting the Pivot tables being integrated into the Visualiser. If a pivot table was previously created in the old Pivot table app is it now automatically available through the Visualiser app?


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Hi @Elmarie_Claasen,

Yes, the new pivot table in the data visualizer application is the default, so anything you made in the classic pivot table application will be opened in the data visualizer application. All dashboard pivot tables will open in the data visualizer application when expanded.

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Thanks Scott

Hi @Shurajit_Dutta
Thanks for the COVID demo is the DHIS2 relationship app available for exploring on other COVID instances yet? HISP-SA would like to install it on a dev version to check out the features.



Hi @Elmarie_Claasen

We are working on making this app available. @austin has been supporting the generalization of this app and can answer in more detail.

The recording of this webinar is now available on the DHIS2 Youtube channel: Webinar on DHIS 2.34 and Android Capture App 2.1 - YouTube

Thanks again to all who joined us!

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Hi @Scott,
how about the issue with the Option Group Set dimension, which is not created as described in the documentation
22.10.4 Create or edit an option group set

I reported the issue in the Jira 10 days ago and I see that it is assigned to you

But the only action until now is that @geetha (Thanks!) confirmed that
“Bug is reproducible in 2.32.4,2.33.3 and 2.34.0 versions”

When do you think it could be considered and resolved?

It is on our opinion an important feature, because will permit to create different groupings of ICD-10 diagnosis Option Set.

  1. Classification/aggregation of the event diagnosis by ICD-10 Chapters (I to XXII)
  2. Classification/aggregation of the event diagnosis by ICD-10 letter - (A, B, C, …Z, U)
  3. Classification/aggregation of the event diagnosis by ICD-10 by the WHO Global Health Estimates (GHE) - https://www.who.int/healthinfo/global_burden_disease/en/
  4. Other aggregation of the Captured Events based on specific disease groups.