Webinar: Involving community healthcare workers (CHWs) during design and implementation

On Tuesday we in the DHIS2 Design Lab together with BETTEReHEALTH research project are organizing a webinar about involving community healthcare workers during design & implementation:

We gather experienced practitioners and experts to discuss how involving end-users during eHealth design can help create better work conditions for healthcare workers and design solutions that increase quality of health service delivery.
Presentation of cases from Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda and Ethiopia, followed by discussions to explore this very important topic!


That’s tomorrow (Tuesday 4/12/2022)! That’s really great, and welcome to the community :tada: and thank you for sharing.

Looking forward to the webinar! Just in case I wasn’t able to attend in the particular time @matsbla, would there be a recording that you can share?

Thanks! :heart_eyes::+1:

Hi @Gassim,

Is webinar recording now available?


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