Webinar: Immunizing Health Data from Cyber Threats: Designing a secure environment for health data

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"Digital information systems hold promise to increase access to healthcare, improve quality of care, and decrease health system costs. As low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) gain access to affordable cellular service, use of mobile technology to collect healthcare data and expand health services is rising.
However, introducing technology into health information systems exposes data to new threats not present in paper-based systems. To mitigate these emerging vulnerabilities, LMICs need to develop or update their tools and training for data security and privacy in line with digital technology. Informed by in-country assessments and with participation of country-based advisors, MEASURE Evaluation developed guidelines and a checklist for mHealth data security, privacy, and confidentiality that countries and programs can adapt to meet their needs.
On December 13, 2018, at 9 am EST, MEASURE Evaluation will host a one-hour webinar to discuss these guidelines and how to adapt them. MEASURE Evaluation’s Christina Villella, MPH, and Sam Wambugu, MPH, will address three questions: What are the emerging cyber security threats in the health sector? What is the scope and content of the guidelines? How can countries use the guidelines and checklist for creating or updating their data security and privacy strategies?

Christina Villella, MPH, is a senior health informatics officer for MEASURE Evaluation.
Sam Wambugu, MPH, PMP, is a senior health informatics specialist for MEASURE Evaluation."