We are writing a "Tracker implementation guide" - what should we cover? Input wanted!

Hi community!

At HISP UiO (in close collaboration with other HISP groups) we are currently working on creating a tracker implementation guide. Based on experiences from the field, case studies and the input of experienced implementors and system owners we aim to collate advice on things like;
-what to consider before you start with tracker
-security and hosting
-training strategy

My question to you - what kind of info did you miss when you start out implementing tracker? What should we make sure we cover in this implementation guide?

Your input is valuable!
Thanks, Anne


Hi Anne,

We’ve done a few tracker implementations and would love to contribute to your efforts by sharing our lessons learned. Might we have call to discuss? feel free to reach out via email at asif.ilyas@rescue.org.

Asif from IRC


That would be lovely. I’ll reach out to you on email to sett up a call!
Thanks! Anne

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Hi Anne,

I would recommend a look at the guidance that MEASURE Evaluation has developed to support PMTCT Tracker projects, as the document includes a lot of general advice and guidance on how to configure and implement a DHIS2 Tracker. (Full disclosure: I’m one of the authors!) A wide range of DHIS2 experts were consulted during the drafting of this document, and we have subsequently also done some in-country testing to refine and polish the guidance on implementation - we’ll hopefully be releasing an updated version of the document in a couple of months’ time.

The guidance can be found here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with myself or another member of the team listed in the document.

Cheers, Sam.


Thanks Samuel, others have also pointed me in this direction. I will for sure look closely into this and collaboration is the only way to work! :slight_smile:

Let’s keep in touch on this.

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