We are stuck - Process large volume of Data

Hi everyone,

We want to view and download large volume of data in a pivot table; we are unable do this as it is forever loading. It’s frustrating because we need data for monthly reporting, but we cannot access it.
There is data already entered on a dataset in health facilities in twelve districts. There is an attribute combination assigned to the data set. In pivot table we follow the usual steps:

We choose

  1. Data element option
  2. Data element group
  3. Periods
  4. Organization units (all 12 provinces)
  5. CHWs (attribute combo)

We are seeking all possible solutions to this problem; we desperately want help.


Do you use Pivot Table App or Data Visualizer App? It’s recommended to use Data Visualizer App and it has been updated to work specifically with large amount of data, since DHIS2.36 if I’m not wrong.

You may also want to share the browser network/console logs and server logs for further debugging.

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