Want to learn Web App Development

Good day DHIS2 Devs,

Kindly note, I am trying to learn Web App thru some experts. As a starting point I want to display the name of the logged-on user as shown below:


I am ready to pay as well. In fact, the app I am planning is actually a bit bigger than this but this is the starting point. But whoever contacts me is not interested in assisting me after seeing my request. I am not sure whether they are looking for big money, could not do or my approach is wrong.

Any assistance from the Dev community is very much appreciated.



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Have you seen these?

If you’re specifically looking for web application development in general, I suggest subscribing to an online MOOC for the specific framework you’re interested in.


Thanks for sharing that link @Edward_Robinson!

We have a website specifically dedicated to DHIS2 application development at developers.dhis2.org, there you can find links to documentation and guides, updates posted by the core team, as well as information about past and future developer events (including the academy Edward shared which took place last month)

In particular, links to course material and recordings from all past trainings can be found here. I’ve linked several of the relevant video recordings below:

The Platform Tools Webinar in particular should be a good introduction which shows how to use the App Platform to create a very basic app which, as you mentioned @MSP, shows the name of the logged in user.

Here you can also find a list of resources for learning basic web application development, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React (not specific to DHIS2) if that’s something you’re interested in.


Thank you @Edward_Robinson and @austin for the links.

I too happy to attend the recent Web App Development Webinar which was led by Austin and others. It was really useful, helpful and I will not complain about that course.

However, my challenge is the time to spend on these materials due to my current project deadlines. My background is VB.NET, ASP.NET, PHP and I really need to put some efforts to learn the REACT stuff. In fact, I have the working App in PHP. Unfortunately, I don’t like half-baked things and have time until Oct end. That is the main reason I was looking for someone to assist me quickly.

Thank you anyway for taking the time to share the links. It really shows you guys care. :sweat_smile: :pray:t2:

God Bless and have a good weekend!



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Hi @MSP,
I can help you with learning Web Application Development, assist you too and I believe your input as a learner can also contribute to my thesis work and a site (site for the thesis work still in progress: http://app-resource-dev.tk).
If you are interested, we can meet (zoom), and start asap.

Yonatan (yonatanf@ifi.uio.no)

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Hi @yonatan_f,

Thanks for trying to help me. As I have mentioned in my first point I would like to have a page first. Please refer:

Once you have this small app ready let me know. We will discuss further.

Thanks and regards