Visiualize the Date in DD-MMM-YYYY format like 23-Apr-2024

Can we show the Date in DD-MMM-YYYY format like 23-Apr-2024 in DHIS2 instead of YYYY-MM-DD (2024-04-23)

Hi @kandarpjoshi

I’m suspecting that you are using the Line Listing app? Or is this on another app?

If you navigate to the System Settings app, you can find the option to choose the date format as you can see in the screenshot below,

If you can provide more info such as what app you are using and why this is important, we can create a feature request to include more date formats. (see ideas!)

Thank you Addin for your reply,

As per your suggestion I made changes in DHIS2 system setting as,

I have also created a new Data visualiser on daily basis but date format in graph does not change as per calendar setting.

date should be display like 01-Jan-2023 instead of 2023-01-01.

Hope you understand.

Kindly do the needful.

Thanks for the clarification. It’s not possible to format the date like that; however, with more information about the use case and why this format is necessary, we might be able to create a feature request.


Yes, it is the requirement, in India general date format is dd/mm/yyyy or dd/mmm/yyyy, which is more readable as compared with yyyy/mm/dd.

And I have seen that it is customised as compared in other dashboard tools.

Yes Dhis2 should have a features to customise the date format as per user requirements.

Hope you understood.

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