Viewing one question at a time on Android Capture

I wanted to find out how you configure viewing one question at a time using the Android app.
I have a data entry form, but i want the data collectors to view one question then they can go to the next instead of viewing the whole form in the android app


Hello @kankhulungo .

At the moment this is not possible by default. What you could do is having one Data Element per section and then having the sections collapsed (this is the default behavior) and the users will enter one data, and when pressing next the next section would be opened. If you want to really prevent them inputing any element after the previous ones are filled you could achieve that by having some Program Rules implemented and hidding the sections.

Let me know if you need further clarification.


Welcome back to the community @kankhulungo! And thanks @jaime.bosque for the response.

I would like to add that if you are facing challenges with the current behavior please feel free to share with the community and exchanges ideas. How is the current behavior challenging? Maybe there’s a possibility to improve an aspect.

It’s possible to create feature requests from the community and community members have the chance to vote, watch, and comment!

Thank you!

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@kankhulungo I agree this is something that would be beneficial, and would help us get more ODK Collect users over to DHIS2 Android if it were possible. Let me know if you create a feature request on Jira, will vote and share it!

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