View only data in Data entry app module

Dear All;
i am in the middle of updating DHIS-2 for Malaria Pakistan. we are running the system smooth successfully.
Apart from it i have some query which need to be respond on urgent basis.

Firstly, What i want to gave only view data permission for Data entry module to some user but not insert data ).

Secondly, I have organization Unit like: Country, Province, District, Tehsil, Union Council, and Health Facility. but what i want to skip the all levels and want to show only **District Name and Health facility name ** under it, in data Entry module

Can anyone tell me how i can do it . it would be great if anyone could share all steps.
Please help me in it.

Jibran Sohail;

Hi @jibransohail,

Welcome to the DHIS2 Community and congrats on your first post!

You can give certain users or user groups “Can view only” access to the datasets where you do not want them to enter data.

For the organization unit hierarchy, the users will see the org units they have access to, so if you only want to show District and Health facility, then those are the ones you should give them access too.

Hope this helps!

@Karoline thanks for the reply much appreciated…
Actually I want to give permission of view only data for Data Entry app module. and these permission will be at my provincial and federal level group. For ease of understanding i am attaching my created Form under data entry.

I would be obliged if you could help me to gave permission of that specific module ( Data Entry) .