View event analytics authority needed for all program related analysis

Dear devs,

First of all, thanks for creating this community, it is really useful and fancy :slight_smile:

If I understood well, the View event analytics authority is created in order to differ access from aggregate values and event data within the Event report tool. But recently I have noticed that if you do not have this authority you cannot see resources that has some relation wiht Program metadata. For instance, you cannot create a pivot table that contains an indicator calculated base on program indicators nor create any event report.

For instance, you can reproduce it in demo server by creating a user, assigning a user role that has not the View event analytics authority and try to create a pivot table for period 2017, 2018 and indicator: Inpatient cases per 10 000 population. Or just attempting to create a even report of a program user has access to.

In case it is not a bug and I misunderstood the meaning of this authority I’d be glad to how the definition and scope of this authority.




Hi @barreda,

Our team from @dhis2-analytics will have a look and advise.


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Dear Eric,

Can you check your program access sharing settings? If a user or user group has no Data access, like below, they will not be able to analyse data on that particular program.

Furthermore this could also be sharing setting for data elements



Hi @prosper ,

Thank you for your reply, I’m sorry for the so late response. I think the sharing settings are properly set. I’m doing the following in demo server:

  • I use the admin user assigned to Super user role and _PROGRAM_Super_User
  • Superuser group has write and view access to Inpatient morbidity and mortality program and its stage
  • I go to the Event Reports and I select Inpatient morbidity and mortality program
  • Even if I do not select any dataElement, when updating the table I get the following message. Either for Aggregate values tab and for Events tab (in the latest case it is fine because this is what I thought this Authority was intendeed to)

Same for the example described above: when trying to show an indicator in Pivot Table that contains a program indicator (try to represent indicator Inpatients under 5 y per 10000 population

Could you try to reproduce it in ? perhaps I’m missing something…




Hello Eric,

Have you checked the “View event analytics” in the authorities in the user role your user has?

This was removed by mistake but was re-added, ref JIRA-issue DHIS2-5198.

It seems like the admin user doesn’t have that authority checked off in any of the user roles it had, when I checked off “View event analytics” now, I was able to load an event report (maybe this is something to change in the demo database, @phil?)

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Hi @Karoline ,

Thanks for the reply. Actually this is my point, perhaps I am not explaining myself…

What I have notificed is a change in the “scope/behaviour” of this authority. Before, this authority was only needed in order to analyse data in the events tab within the Event reports/visualiser. Now I’ve noticed that without this authority you are not able to analyse the information in the aggregate tab nor in events tab. Also, you are not able to see any data in the Pivot Table/ Event visualiser that contains anything related to individual program (for instance, an indicator made by program indicators).

If I take Geetha’s test in your attached jira ticket

  • Without the event analytics authority → it fails (OK).
  • With the authority → it works (OK).

if I do the following modification on his test

From the ticket
Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Create new user with "M&E officer " role
  2. Go to child program and Birth program stages sharing settings and assign this user with "Can capture and view " accesses_
  3. Login with the new user
  4. Choose Event reports ̶e̶v̶e̶n̶t̶s̶ ̶t̶a̶b̶ aggregate tab
  5. Choose Program= Child program, Stage = birth and DE= MCH BCG dose and period _= 2018&2017 and update
  6. You will see the error "user:xxx is not allowed to view event analytics

What I would expect is:

  • With the authority → it works
  • Without the authority → it also works

But what happens is:

  • With the authority → it works (OK)
  • Without the authority → it does not work (not OK, it should work as well)

I just wanted to talk to the community if there was a change in this authority or I misunderstood its scope before raising a JIRA issue.

Hope that I was clearer now.



Hi Eric,

Thanks for the detailed explanation and sorry for the misunderstanding! I understand what you mean now. Let me check with the team.


Hi there!

Just for your information, I created two jira issues regarding this topic:

  1. View event analytics authority blocks indicator/program indicator analysis

  2. [DHIS2-5710] - Jira

I wanted to split the topic in two separate issues, one for each module. As you can see from @geetha response in JIRA, this is an expected behaviour: The authority is needed in order to analyse any data coming from event/tracker program. What remains still uncertain for me is wheter it is expected that it also impacts indicators containing program indicators.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a track for those who might see this in the future.




This should be the practice for other users to benefit; Thanks, @barreda!