Versioning in the New DHIS2 Android App

Dear mobile community,

we would like to share the versioning principles followed in the Android App. We apply semantic versioning, which means that we have 3 numbers for each version X.Y.Z and we increase them as follows:

 X - We increase the first digit when we make a significant change in the app, i.e redesign the User 
       Interface, changes in the user flow, or inclusion of new modules in the app (aggregates, local analytics, 

 Y - We increase the second digit when we add functional improvements without a big impact in the user 
       experience or when we implement compatibility with a new DHIS2 version.

 Z - We increase the third digit when we only fix bugs.

We have not been very strict in applying this until now, we have been mixing functional improvements with bug-fixes. We have observed, however, that we need a quick response for fixing certain bugs, and we feel that we can do it now with the current status of the app.

The patch/bug-fixing versions will not be published in the announcements channel or the email list. You cans till follow up your Jira issues and the app versions in Jira if you are waiting for a fix. Yours users can update without experiencing any change in the UI.

For example, currently we are in 1.0.4. If the next version was…

  • 1.0.5: would be a bug fix version and would not be announced.
  • 1.1.0: would have functional improvements or a new compatibility with DHIS2, in addition to bug fixing. I would be announced.
  • 2.0.0: would have significant functional improvements. I would be announced.

We hope this information is useful for you!



This is very helpful thanks for the information.