Version 2.7 update

Hi all,

version 2.7 has been used in production in several countries for about
a week and we have found and fixed a few bugs:

- Graying/disabling of fields in section-based data entry forms did
not work properly.

- Security issue related to authorities and saving of data values.

- "Last year" relative period in data visualizer was not saved
properly in favorites.

The security issue is present also in version 2.6. We recommend
everyone to upgrade their instances.

The WAR file for version 2.7 has been updated and can be downloaded as
usual from here:

best regards,


Hi again,

I have received feedback that for some users the release pace is a bit
too high.

In that regard we have decided to maintain the two latest releases
with security fixes. We already maintain the latest release with
bug-fixes and minor improvements.

This means that you can safely skip a release or two and only upgrade
your instance every second or third release if that is desired.

In that regard I have back-ported the security fix mentioned above to
version 2.6 and updated the WAR file at

Otherwise we hope people continue to test and use the new features
that we bring out.

best regards, Lars